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Our Beginning

We are a hard-working, family-owned, integrity-based company. After coaching travel sports for more than thirteen years and raising two boys involved in school sports, my wife and I experienced the same need that all teams, schools and other non-profit groups experience on a yearly basis; the need to fund-raise. Travel sports, budget cuts, and pay-to-play school programs now are all experiencing an even greater need to fund-raise. Our laundry detergent fundraising opportunity, as well as other fundraiser opportunities, have proven to be very successful for organizations needing to raise money.

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Who We Are

uScore Fundraising decided it was time to fundraise with products that were needed and useful. Gone are the days when teams go door to door selling products that their customers never use and don’t budget for.

Our boys were both always involved with fundraisers. We helped both sell products to family, friends and door to door. Many times we had to sell the same products year after year and many times our customers just didn’t have use for the products. We wanted to change that.


Our mission is to provide you with the best fundraising program to meet your goals. We pride ourselves in helping your organization from start to finish and providing you with a product that generates the highest profit.


Our vision is to help you sell products that will sell themselves. Your customers will be asking for our products year after year. We want you to have the hottest Fundraising Program in the area to generate funds for years to come.


We at uScore Fundraising are providing products that your customers need and use on a daily basis. These are products your customers already budget for. What’s even better, this product will save your customers money. It’s a win-win.

About Our Clients

Clients who are serious about fundraising, who want the greatest amount of profit with the least amount of effort and want great customer service choose uScore Fundraising.