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Helping uScore On And Off The Field Unique Fundraising Opportunities To Help Your Organization Reach Their Goals.

uScore Fundraising can help any organizationgroupschoolbusinessteam reach their fundraising goals.

Perfect for Teams, Schools, Organizations, Bands, Boosters, 4-H Groups, Churches, and any group wanting to raise money!

Eastwood Girls Basketball Team in a huddle.
uScore team fundraiser with Whitmer softball.
uScore fundraiser with high school wrestling team.
uScore fundraiser with high school football team.
uScore Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Delivery.
Genoa High School Wrestling Team Photo.
uScore Fundraising Genoa High School Fundraiser Delivery.
High School Baseball Team on the Field.
uScore fundraiser with Liberty Leaders 4-H.

Unique Fundraising Opportunities

uScore Fundraising LLC offers unique fundraising opportunities to help your team or organization reach its goals. uScore helps you raise money with products your customers will be asking for year after year. Save your customers money and sell them something they need and use every day. uScore’s Laundry Detergent Fundraising Program will provide your group with the cash it needs for years to come.

Basketball on gym floor.
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