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Information About Fundraising – Fundraising 101

So, you want some information about fundraising. You need to raise money and do not know where to start. You have come to the right place. uScore Fundraising has several programs to get you started. Our Laundry Detergent Fundraiser is currently our most profitable option. uScore now offers products that people need and use every day. Our information about fundraising can...

Church Fundraising Made Easy

uScore Fundraising has one of the hottest fundraisers on the market right now. The fundraiser is different from others, as the products are those that you need and use every day and are comparable to top notch brands. Churches can really benefit from the uScore Fundraiser. (more…)

7 Steps to a successful fundraising campaign.

7 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising has become a key item for schools, scout teams, youth sports leagues and other community groups in small towns and metropolitan areas. The financial need has become more important than ever for a wide range of needs, from playground equipment, uniforms and travel to core funding, to supporting and overseeing a wide range of programs and courses. Fundraising used...

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Fundraising For Teams and Organizations

Fundraising for teams and organizations has gone hand and hand since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, fundraising typically involves parents dishing out their own personal money for unneeded items such as foods, snacks, candles, and even car washes. Fundraising for teams and organizations can be extremely effective and profitable. (more…)

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Remarkable Fundraising Tips

Fundraising for an important event or cause is something you might have come across already. If not, there's a good chance that you will fundraise at least once in your lifetime. Showing commitment to a charity event, no matter how small or big, is an energizing experience. However, you have to understand it is never easy. Despite having all the good...

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Need to Fundraise? Plan Ahead

The whole process of fundraising can be overwhelming for any party that wishes to do so, particularly if they haven’t planned. Fundraising for organizations is much easier with a well-executed plan to avoid guesswork, misappropriation, and last-minute rush. If you need to fundraise, plan ahead. A Fundraising Plan is a Foundation for Success Whether you are an individual or a group of...

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Fundraising Supporters

Holding a laundry detergent fundraiser is a great opportunity for high schools, NGOs, youth sports groups, and any other organization to raise funds in a unique way. It is even better when the product being sold is a useful product that actually fits a need for every single home! Having a successful fundraising product is the best way to keep fundraising...

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Fundraising For Travel Sports

As high school sports get more and more competitive, some athletes start playing at an early age. By starting earlier, these players sometimes are further ahead in skill level than those starting later. With that being said, the talented players that start younger usually start playing on competitive travel teams in order to compete at higher levels and get better...

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Tired of Traditional Fundraisers?

It is that time of year again. Your team wants to raise funds for the upcoming season, and you feel like you have run the same fundraisers year after year. You want your players to sell something unique, but you know it is going to be a sale that people have seen before and your supporters really won’t want to...

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Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Benefits

Are you sick of going door to door to sell your kid’s discount cards? Or even worse, are you tired of guilting your family and friends into buying your kid’s cookies, to raise money for their sports team? We all know some kids that are driven and have a passion for selling. However, most of the time, parents are stuck...