Church Fundraising Made Easy

Church Fundraising Made Easy

uScore Fundraising has one of the hottest fundraisers on the market right now. The fundraiser is different from others, as the products are those that you need and use every day and are comparable to top notch brands. Churches can really benefit from the uScore Fundraiser.

Sell Products that Save Your Supporters Money

uScore Fundraising is a value priced necessity fundraiser where you actually save your supporters about 50% off of retail on brands that are comparable to the top brands in the country such as Tide & Gain. We carry laundry detergent, fabric softener, laundry pacs, dishwasher pacs, handcrafted soap, body wash, and now cookie dough.

Churches and organizations continue to return year after year with uScore because of the unique opportunities given to them to generate money for their fundraising goals.

uScore Fundraising delivery at Eastwood High School Girls Basketball.

Hear what others are saying about the uScore Laundry Detergent Fundraiser….

“Tyler, Sherry, and everyone at uScore Fundraising made the fundraising process easy and stress free. We will be using them again next year for our fundraising.”

Kari Weisenburger

“The best fundraising purchase I have ever made! The laundry detergent did a great job. I highly recommend it!”

Terina Rose

“We have used uScore Fundraising the last couple of years. It has been a great and simple process. Working with Tyler has been easy and he is always quick to answer any questions or concerns that you have. If you are looking for some Fundraising ideas I would give them a call. They have lots of different ideas.”

Scott JeremyuScore Fundraising Blue Softener 5-Gallon


Our laundry detergent/softener is the most popular option with 6 different laundry detergent scents (one being free and clear, non-allergenic) and 1 fabric softener option. These 7 laundry options come in 5 gallon buckets that last up to several years for a great price compared to the name-brand options in large stores. There is also a laundry pod option that comes in a bucket with 200 pods, along with a dish pod option as well. The other options included in this sale are 3 different body wash options provided in 1 gallon containers and a handcrafted soap bundle which includes a shampoo and conditioner bar and 2 soap bars.

Sell Practical Products that Your Supporters will Purchase Year after Year

Buying laundry detergent in bulk saves customers time and money. It’s an easy way for customers to buy a bucket one time that will last them all year long. When it becomes time the next season for a church to repeat their fundraiser with us, customers from last year and before will be eager to replace their supply and buy more quality products that will continue to save them time and money again. Choosing uScore is a great way to make your program some money, while also giving your customers a great product that is used by everyone.

The first step is to reach out and contact us. You may call, text, email, or visit our website @ uscorefundraising.com where you will find all of our information. Once you are ready to get started, we will schedule a date to come out and meet with your group for the Fundraiser Kick-Off. This allows us to motivate your entire group, give them samples, order forms, and quickly educate them on the products and process. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes depending on your group size. This is the start date of your Laundry Detergent Sale.

High Profits and Quick Turnaround

Your group members will fundraise for 2-3 weeks. Promote to family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. Sell at social gatherings, events, by phone, door to door, and on social media. We will provide graphics for any platform you want to use. The more you sell, the more you make.

Your Laundry Detergent Delivery will be 1-2 weeks after your sale ends. We will schedule the delivery prior to the kick-off meeting so that you have the date to give your customers. At the Delivery, we will be there to load up your cars. Members in your group can pick up their entire order or have their customers pick up individually.

In Conclusion here are the benefits of the uScore Laundry Detergent Church Fundraiser.

  1. Practicality – Supporters budget for detergent and use it daily.
  2. Highest Quality Laundry Detergent – Made in the USA and 100% Money Back Guarantee
  3. High Profits – It’s possible to earn up to $15 per bucket sold.
  4. Quick Turnaround – Product is delivered one to two weeks after your sale ends.

Reach out to uScore Fundraising with questions to 419.261.8453, or 419.250.3633. You can visit our site at uscorefundraising.com.

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