Clean Savings: The Benefits of a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

uScore Laundry Detergent Team Fundraiser

Clean Savings: The Benefits of a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Are you sick of going door to door to sell your kid’s discount cards? Or even worse, are you tired of guilting your family and friends into buying your kid’s cookies, to raise money for their sports team? We all know some kids that are driven and have a passion for selling. However, most of the time, parents are stuck raising the money themselves. Here are some laundry detergent fundraiser benefits that make fundraising easy.

In a world where communities thrive on collaboration and support, fundraisers have become a staple for organizations looking to make a positive impact.

While traditional methods like bake sales and car washes are effective, there’s a unique and practical alternative that not only raises funds but also offers a product everyone needs – laundry detergent.

Let’s dive into the world of laundry detergent fundraisers and explore how they not only clean clothes but also contribute to building cleaner and stronger communities.

uScore high school team fundraiser delivery.

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Benefits | It Just Makes Scents (Sense)

uScore Fundraising will provide your organization with a product that your customers need and use every day.

Our quality products are comparable to the national leading brands and their value is tremendous at about half the retail cost.

All are made in the USA and all are 100% guaranteed.

Raise Money | Save Supporters Money

Struggle no more! uScore Fundraising created and executed a new and unique idea for fundraising. Why not raise money for your kid’s team or club, and at the same time help others benefit?

uScore is one of the founding fundraising companies that helps you raise money and also saves your supporters money. uScore provides laundry detergent and fabric softeners for roughly half the cost of your typical “grocery store run.”

Furthermore, uScore saves families hundreds of dollars a year on essential products, while also raising your school thousands of dollars.

The detergent comes in five-gallon buckets w/pump included. It is a hybrid blend for HE and regular machines. The 5-gallon bucket is 640 ounces – approximately 320 loads. There is a tremendous retail savings of roughly 50%.

Next, uScore offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Lastly, it’s made in the USA.

uScore delivery to high school.Consistent in Quality to National Brands

Their quality products are made with the same ingredients found in leading brands of laundry detergent.

Likewise, they have scent-free detergents for people with allergies, as well as your favorite scented softeners that leave your clothes smelling fresh for weeks.

It may sound odd, but the idea WORKS.

After fundraising with uScore just a few times, read what this wrestling head coach had to say about the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Benefits….

“Used uScore for the first time this past summer and again right before wrestling season. The experience and product were both awesome. Tyler and his family provide an excellent experience and customer service! Would highly recommend to anyone!!”

Monroeville High School Wrestling – Tylor Nester – Head Coach

This softball coach also had great success and shared this….

“We have used uScore Fundraising for the last two years. The fundraising is simple and the product fantastic. 
Tyler handles all the details and a great person to do business with. If there is ever a problem (my customer ordered the wrong thing by accident) Tyler takes care of it right away. We will continue to do this fundraiser as it is a product every household will use.”

Whitmer High School Softball – Duane Lanham – Head Coach

Sometimes hearing from others about their successes in fundraising is all you need to hear to help you make the jump.

uScore Laundry Detergent - Yellow SoftenerRepeat Customers Year After Year

It just makes scents, or sense rather. uScore will have you coming back quicker than you could believe. Whether it be for another successful fundraising extravaganza, or if you just love the product and want more for your own personal use, we have got you covered.

Our Laundry Detergent Fundraising Program will provide your group with the ability to earn the cash it needs for years to come. Also, uScore Fundraising will provide you with the guidance to maximize your profitability and will be there from start to finish to ensure great results.

Finally, the products and services at uScore Fundraising speak for themselves. Therefore, uScore truly helps “you score on and off the field.”

uScore Fundraising’s Laundry Detergent Fundraiser is not only helpful for organizations, but is also great for teams, schools, church groups, 4-H groups, cub scouts, travel sports, bands and boosters.

The Essentials of a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser:

  1. Everyday Necessity:

    Laundry detergent is a household essential. Families use it regularly, creating a consistent demand that ensures your fundraiser won’t be overlooked. Therefore, by offering a product that people already buy, you’re making it easy for them to support your cause.

  2. Quality Products for a Cause:

    Partnering with reputable detergent brands ensures that your supporters receive a quality product in return for their contribution. Also, highlighting the effectiveness of the detergent can add an extra layer of appeal.

  3. Environmental Impact:

    Many modern laundry detergents are formulated with the environment in mind. Highlighting the eco-friendly aspects of the chosen detergent can attract environmentally conscious consumers and contribute to a positive message for your fundraiser.

  4. Simple Sales Process:

    Unlike some fundraisers that require elaborate setups or time-consuming tasks, selling laundry detergent is straightforward. Thus, supporters simply order the detergent they need, and your organization benefits from the proceeds.

  5. Community Building:

    A laundry detergent fundraiser is not just about selling products; it’s about building a sense of community. Therefore, by involving local residents and businesses, you create connections that go beyond the transaction, fostering a spirit of togetherness and support.


uScore Fundraising offers unique fundraising opportunities to help your team or organization reach their goals.

Additionally, uScore helps you raise money with products your customers will be asking for year after year.

Save your customers money and sell them something they need and use every day.

In addition, uScore’s Laundry Detergent Fundraising Program will provide your group with the cash it needs for years to come.

Therefore, a value priced necessity fundraiser.

Finally, generate significant money selling a product that families already budget for and purchase.

Fundraising that helps uScore On and Off the Field!

uScore Fundraising

Written by: Austin Kottenbrock

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